Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Welcome to my world....

This is Maggie.

Maggie again, wondering what I am doing.
She is mama to the puppies in the following pictures.

2-Wk Old JRT Puppies - look at those little fat bellies.
Jack Russell puppies look remarkable like hamsters
for about the first 2 weeks. At this age, the look is
beginning to morph into something more puppylike.

Same puppies in just 2 more weeks. See what I meant.
How cute is this?

Diva, Turtle and Pi. All the pups in this litter are special.
Pi went to his new home at 8 weeks, because I know his new family.
By 10 weeks, he was already learning the commands no, sit, down and
learning stay. The 3 I still have are on about the same level. I never
sell or give a puppy to a new home, until I am satisfied they are ready.
That means some training is done but I make sure they have a level of
confidence that won't lead to neurotic behavior because of some traumatic
event in their early weeks. It just makes sense to me that puppies are
like babies and putting a 6 week old puppy up for adoption is cruelty of
the highest order. It is like giving a 6 month old infant to a family of chimpanzees.

Pyglet, Pi, Diva and Turtle

The Diva (Devious) This little girl is very special.
Her markings, size, coat, etc. are remarkable. She is also
very small and will probably be tiny like her mother.

Turtle, looking forlorn. Turtle is my boy. He
is a "shorty" like his dad, Jack. He looks a little
bit like a beagle because of the color combi, but
he is all JRT. He is the quickest to respond to
"Let's go in the house" and "Who's hungry?"
He already knows how handsome he is and loves
to be petted. This boy is a lover not a fighter, demonstrated
by how often his sisters beat him up.
Pi and Diva are looking at Prissy, the cat.

And this is Prissy, resident pest. This is the cat
that is into everything and wants constant attention
when you are outside. She has the one most likely to
get locked in the basement.

We promise be good if you let us out...sure you will.

Diva looking for a way out, while Pi and Turtle play.
That is momma, Maggie, in the background.

Diva and Pi, playing with Puffers

Turtle running laps around Puffers.

Pygmalion a/k/a Pyglet...sweet, sweet little girl.
Pyg has a bristly rough coat and little whiskers
around her face. She is the tallest and the calmest,
if there is such a thing. I called her Piglet as a tiny
puppy because she was the fattest puppy. Now she has become
Pyg(malion) because she is turning out to be such a great dog -
looks, personality, everything. Love the Pyget.

Pyg and Pi play with Puffers....check out her kitten
in the background. My Jacks are raised with cats
and everybody gets along. Puffers has no fear that
these puppies will harm that tiny kitten.

Case in are a three of our roosters
and three of our cats, just hanging out.