Saturday, September 15, 2007

Finally getting back to this Blog

Well, this blogging is harder than I thought. I envisioned that I would sit down to my computer every evening and share everything of interest that happened during the day. Not gonna happen, I see that now. So, I am rescinding my original plan to make this a daily journal and shoot for once a week. Then if I can get some extra time in it will seem like I have really accomplished something. But now, I have to catch everything over the past month back up. Where shall I start?

How about with the cutest thing at the Farm? JACK RUSSELL PUPPIES (pictured above)!!! The puppies were born on the 17th day of August, the day after I posted about Maggie (also pictured above...Dave says I should try to take a picture of her where she doesn't look like one of those Power-Goo big headed dogs) being due to whelp them any day. That night, around 2 a. m., I heard her making these little short, sharp yippy noises and got up to check on her. Sure enough, there were 2 tiny puppies in the box with her and another one was making an appearance just as I turned on the kitchen lights. I spent the next 2 hours sitting on the floor watching her give birth twice more, clean up puppies, lick and lick and lick, clean up herself, and basically just sat and took in the wonder of these 4 tiny, wriggly bodies that were so amazingly strong and active to have been in the world such a short time. I got my wish and there are 2 little girls and 2 little boys. Diva and Piglet are the girls and Turtle and Pirate are the boys. Pirate was actually named before he was even born, because I dreamed that there would be one puppy with an "eyepatch" and sure enough there he was. The one in the picture at the top is Turtle and you can see how he got his name. He always seems to end up sleeping on his back and then he is so chubby he can't roll back over, so he looks like an upsidedown turtle....voila! The Turtle. Diva is already showing signs of being very "alpha" and spends a lot of time "gumming" the other puppies. Since there are no teeth yet, it is pretty harmless, but I don't know how the other puppies will take it when those choppers do come in. Piglet probably doesn't require an explaination, but if you guessed that she is the first one to the "table" and the last one to leave, you got it!!!

Anyway, they are just gorgeous and I will be posting more pictures, etc. of the puppies as time goes on.

We also have new chicks at the Farm and they are pretty cute, too, but their story is gonna have to wait for another day.